Asociación para las Naciones Unidas y el Derecho Internacional


«Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name.»

Kofi Annan.

At ANUDI, we see our new members as lamps to be lit. That is why we have developed MUN ACADEMY, a tool that will allow us to introduce our newest members to the world of UN simulations.


MUN ACADEMY is an annual program of bimonthly workshops, in which we will work on the keys to become a great delegate. It offers a 360º training program that touches on various fields from public speaking and debate under the MUNs’ characteristic procedures to essential notions of International Law that all delegates should know. Our goal is to bring out the full potential of our students through participatory, dynamic and entertaining activities. The sessions are mostly taught by «delegates of recognized prestige» who will speak to us from their extensive experience and deep knowledge of the models. All ACADEMIA MUN sessions are totally free of charge.

Who can join ACADEMIA MUN?

We are oriented to new profiles with little or no experience in simulations. You don’t need to be a student of Universidad Carlos III, the only requirement is that you are a member of ANUDI.

What is ACADEMIA MUN Chairs?

In addition to delegate training, we also have a program aimed at more experienced profiles who want to explore new facets of models. For these future table chairs, we offer monthly sessions with experienced chairs who will reveal all the secrets hidden on the other side of the table.

What does joining ACADEMIA MUN offer?

As if the training workshops were not enough for you, from ACADEMIA MUN we also organize MINIMUNS for our students, where they can try everything they have learned in small and controlled environments. In addition, through ACADEMIA we also manage the registration of our delegates in other models as a joint delegation under the name of ANUDI.

So don’t think twice and sign up for ACADEMIA MUN.