Faculty of Law & Social Sciences

  • First session Position Paper training: During the training session, participants will be taught in a practical way to produce Position Papers. The Position Paper is the document that every delegate should do in advance at the start of Model addressing the country’s position on the two issues to be discussed in the committee. This document serves as an initial approach to the country’s position and delegate, and might be in most MUNs awarded the Best Position Paper Award.
  • Second session Rules of Procedure training: During the training session, students will be taught in a practical way to understand, apply and follow the Rules of Procedure. They are crucial in the Model United Nations as they are the framework through which every delegate must act in the committee. They are also vital for achieving the goal of adopting a resolution. In order to qualify for an award, all delegates must master the RoP. Therefore, it is highly necessary to train our members so as they could acquire fluency in the committee and during negociations.
  • Third session Writing a Resolution training: During the training session, all the participants will be taught in a practical way to draft a resolution in all its phases (working paper, draft resolution and the final resolution). Resolution is the ultimate goal of any MUN; it is the objective every committee should have. Therefore, all delegates should know how to negotiate, find agreements and put them on paper, so as they could finally been transformed into a resolution. Moreover, from the point of view of the awards, working to promote and actively drafting a resolution is tremendously valued by the chairs of the committee. 
  • Fourth Session Oratory and Public Speaking training: During the training session, students will be provided with several techniques of negotiation and public speaking, and also they will be taught principles of debating in the committee, alongside with some tricks which might help to avoid timidity or nerves and gain in professionality. Definitely a wonderful opportunity to learn the tactics and tricks of good speakers and practice facing the model.
  • MiniMUN: As final preparatory session, we will simulate a real committee, where all the participants will be able to implement what they have learned during the previous training sessions.