ANUDI MUN Society members have also taken part in several Model United Nations Conferences all over the World, achieving fantastic results and developing a huge experience.

The oldest active member of the Association, David López, assisted during his Erasmus year in London the University College London Model United Nations (UCLMUN), having the possibility to participate in a crisis committee about the situation in the Korean borders and wining the Best Delegate Award. Also in London, our team member Eduardo Bravo took part in the London International Model United Nations 2015 as a delegate, which was his second appearance in a conference.

Besides, Amaia Bueno took part in Paris International MUN (PIMUN) 2015, being recognized as Best Delegate among 90 people in the First Committee of the General Assembly (DISEC), representing the Netherlands. In the same conference but one year before, the secretary of ANUDI Alexandre Picón achieved a mention and the Best Position Paper award in SPECPOL, having had the chance to speak in front of more than 500 delegates at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Our MUN Society members have also achieve outstanding results in different conferences in Belgium. For example, Tirso Virgós achieved Best Delegate at ECOSOC representing Albania in the Université Libre de Bruxelles MUN (ULBMUN), beating delegates that would afterwards represent MUN Society Belgium in WorldMUN and other remarkable simulations. Also, Ana Soria attained Honourable Mention in Brussels MUN (BRUMUN) playing a strong role in the International Monetary Fund, and was also recognized as Best Delegate in two Model European Union simulations.

One of our most experienced MUNers, Alba Gavaliugov, had already started participating in MUN even before the University. She took part in Model United Nations Turkey (MUNTR) in two occasions, obtaining two awards as Most Promising Delegate and Outstanding Delegate. She has been UC3MUN Secretary General this year and has also taken part in several international delegations with fantastic results.

Last but not least, Andrea Martín, who is our youngest member but also the most experienced one. As a delegate she attended seven MUN Conferences in Madrid, New York and The Netherlands. After two appearances as a chair, she has been selected as Secretary General of the new Madrid International Model United Nations project.

If you want to live an amazing international experience and have the possibility of be part of ANUDI MUN Society, start now! Join up UC3MUN 2017 next March and start developing your skills!

ANUDI’s Delegation to Havard World MUN 2016