ANUDI builds its activity upon the values and ideals of equality, peace, diversity, dialogue and understanding among countries that led to the birth of the United Nations Organization right after World War II. Thus, our members firmly believe that the academic environment is the perfect breeding ground to promote these ideas and, as students, we try to bring this conviction to reality through diverse activities and projects destined to create awareness in our colleagues on topics that will greatly affect all of us, not only as future professionals but also as world citizens.

Among the actives we organize, Charles III University of Madrid Model of United Nations (UC3MUN) is our main task. UC3MUN aims to create a multicultural ambience made up of university students from all over the world in which topics of global significance are discussed, as the prime example of our aim to foster a context for dialogue and cohesion coupled to a higher disclosure of International Relationships.

Therefore, our ultimate goal is to share with our fellow students the values of the UN through an inter-university forum based on dialogue, awareness and embracement of Human Rights.