Various are the reasons that make 2019 a relevant year, not only for the international agenda but also in ANUDI’s activity. We are in a decade of huge challenges for multilateral relations and International Law with the emergence of multiple conflicts of the outmost importance. Besides, the recent election of the new United Nations Secretary General could be a turning point in fighting extremism and promoting Human Rights all across the World.

In a similar uncertain context, ten years ago ANUDI come to light by the hand of a group of really committed students with the main goal to serve as a big opportunity. An opportunity to promote and to impulse the interest and knowledge of United Nations objectives at college level, to contribute to the personal and professional development of young people through promoting the values of the International Community and International Law, and also, by doing that, to empower democracy and international relations. That is why we believe that it is now, more than ever, the moment to keep growing and taking advantage of this opportunity, and thus we will keep working hard during this 2019/2020 period in order to bring the World closer to the University.

Manuel Barahona Aller
President of ANUDI